Website Tracking – Why and How Websites Track You?

Have you ever wondered why a simple Google search on your favorite products results in ads on different other websites about the s[...]

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tracking cookies

GDPR and the Tracking Cookies

What are Tracking Cookies? Cookies are small text files that are stored in a user’s device when they visit a website. It is used[...]

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cookie wall

Cookie Wall

A cookie wall is a pop-up notice on a website that does not allow the users any access to the website unless they accept the use o[...]

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cookie policy

Cookie Policy and GDPR

If you are a website owner, you know what cookies are. If you do not, it is okay. Cookies are small text files a website places on[...]

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Checklist for GDPR

Checklist For GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018 to implement a stricter law for data protection across t[...]

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GDPR consent

Consent Under General Data Protection Regualtion (GDPR)

What is consent under GDPR? Consent has always been an essential part of any interaction that involved the sharing of personal det[...]

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