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CookieLawInfo.com is a website dedicated to providing information & tools to help website owners keep updated about cookies and related laws. For any website owner, dealing with issues such as the EU ePrivacy Directive is highly important and something to take seriously. That’s why we are dedicated to rigorously researching and staying up to date in order to provide each and every user of our solutions with the latest information.

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GDPR Laws can feel like a lot to deal with especially when you do not know what the law actually is and the technical aspects of it. This makes it hard to understand what all goes in to make the website comply. You have to be aware of every part of it that concerns you as a business owner that serve in the European Union.

Even if your company is not based in the European Union, you are required to comply with the law if you serve the citizen in the EU. And if you are a company that serves the citizens of the EU, and if found not compliant with the law, you are looking at hefty fines. We are talking up to €20 million or 4% of your annual worldwide turnover or whichever is greater.

What this means for website owners

If you own a website, your website must comply else you face an investigation and potentially a very hefty fine. But, this can be easily avoided when the compliance to the Cookie Law can be easily achieved with solutions provided by Cookie Law Info.

Complying can actually be quite simple. Depending on your website and your requirements we have multiple solutions. All it requires now is to choose the right one for your website.

Who this site is for

This site is for you, the owner of a website who wants to comply with the EU Cookie Law. Whether you have a business website or a blog, no matter how big or small, you need to comply with the law if you serve in the EU and Cookie Law Info makes sure that you do so with ease and less effort.

Our developer and support team are always there to help you all the way through, and to help out in case of any issues.

You’ll find everything you need to do in order to comply with the EU ePrivacy Directive (AKA ‘the EU Cookie Law’), and a really easy solution for your website.