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colorado privacy act

Colorado Privacy Act 2021: An Overview

After California and Virginia laws, Colorado Privacy Act 2021 is the third consumer data protection act from the US. It is likely [...]

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China PIPL

China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

In 2016, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) announced the Cybersecurity Law (“CSL”) for cybersecurity and to p[...]

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germany dsk cookie banner guidance

Cookies, Cookie Banner and Consent Tool: Germany DSK Guidelines

On 28 May 2020, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) ruled that an opt-out for cookies settings is invalid under German law u[...]

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Malaysia personal data protection act (PDPA)

PDPA 2010 — Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act

In this article, we will look into the data protection act of Malaysia, PDPA 2010, and what are its requirements for protecting an[...]

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New Zealand's Privacy Act 2020

Privacy Act 2020 of New Zealand

In this article, we will breakdown New Zealand’s Privacy Act 2020 and discuss how you can make your website compliant with the A[...]

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Singapore PDPA

PDPA, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act

Singapore’s data protection act, PDPA, is not a recent addition to the ever-growing list of data privacy laws in the world. Intr[...]

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