Go through the most frequently asked questions about Cookie Law Info.

Plugin (Most frequent questions and answers)

If the header doesn’t show, it is nearly always your theme.  

Step 1: diagnose the error

  • Check that the banner is actually supposed to be showing in the first place!
    • On the list of plugins, is the plugin activated?
    • Are you an admin user? If you aren’t, you won’t see Cookie Law Info.
    • In the plugin settings, can you see that the banner is switched on?
    • If all else fails, can you see the folder “cookie-law-info” in the plugins folder via FTP?
  • 90% of the time it’s a theme error:
    • Go to your homepage
    • Right click / view source
    • Search for “cookie-law-info.css” – if you can’t find this then you are missing wp_head() and must to fix that
    • Search for “cli_show_cookiebar” – if you can’t find this, then you are missing wp_footer() and must fix that
  • Most other errors are because you forgot to refresh your server side cache
    • Using WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, Cloudflare or does your host (e.g. MediaTemple) provide server-side caching? Refresh that.
  • Still an error?
    • Open your JavaScript console (in Google Chrome, open Developer Tools / Console)
    • If you are a developer, you will immediately see what the issue is. If not, note them down.
    • The error is probably still your theme:
      • Are there hard coded scripts? (themes are sometimes guilty of this)
      • How many times have you declared jQuery? (this is also VERY common)

Step 2: fix the error

  • This step doesn’t really require too much explanation…

Otherwise try:

  • De-activate the plugin then re-activate it
  • Uninstall the plugin then re-install it (N.B. uninstalling will delete your settings)
  • If all else fails then please report a bug on the support forum – so far most bugs have been fixed within a day
This is not an issue with the Cookie Law Info plugin. You are not using a meta description on the page. A plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO let’s you do this but you must correctly configure it. The meta description will appear in the google search results.
Yes. Add custom CSS to your theme or child theme’s style.css:  

#cookie-law-info-bar { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5) !important; }
If you use WordPress then yes, because WordPress requires cookies to work properly. If your website has plugins, then it gets a little more complicated but you can find out if your website uses cookies by following this guide to audit your website for cookies.
This plugin will: – Add a banner to the header or footer of all pages on your website, notifying the visitor that you have a clearly defined privacy and cookie policy. – Allow you to record which cookies your site uses, and: – Neatly display a list of these cookies (via a shortcode). You can put this list on your Privacy & Cookie Policy page, for example.