Thanks for downloading the Cookie Law Info WordPress plugin!

This plugin will help you comply with the EU ePrivacy Directive, AKA ‘the EU Cookie Law’ by getting implied consent from your website visitors and helping you clearly show them what cookies your website uses. There are a few steps you need to follow to make sure you comply, the first is reading about the law and installing the plugin.

You can download the plugin here. Cookie Law Info has some default settings all ready to go, and you can customise it further as required.

What the plugin does

Cookie Law Info adds a subtle banner (the ‘cookie bar’) to the header or footer of your website’s pages, highlighting that your website uses cookies and that you will assume the visitor is ok with that. They can then either “accept” and the cookie bar will disappear, not to be shown for another year, or click “read more” which will take them to your Privacy and Cookie Policy webpage (you need to add this link in the Settings page).

The plugin also let’s you catalogue the cookies that your website uses, and gives you an easy to use shortcode to add to your Privacy and Cookie Policy page which neatly displays those cookies.

To understand what cookies your website might be storing, read this article.

What the plugin does not do

This plugin does not block or delete cookies. That’s a deliberate choice.

Despite what some plugins may claim to offer, it is not currently possible to block all cookies in WordPress. That’s because any one of your plugins may use them, and no one plugin can guarantee to block them all, it would require a review and potentially re-programming each plugin to do so.

There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation around the Cookie Law. Many were led to believe that you must get explicit consent from your visitors before they either use your site or before the site places cookies. Only in some circumstances is that the case, for most WordPress websites that is not required. The Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO) who enforce privacy laws in the UK have stated that getting “implied consent” for cookie use is fine. It is however important you read the background on this to make sure this applies to you and your website.

What if I want to block cookies?

For the time being this plugin doesn’t do that so if you want to go that route, this plugin isn’t for you. We may offer that feature in future however.

How do I let website visitors delete cookies?

We recommend you provide information in your Privacy and Cookie Policy page showing them how to delete cookies using their browser. This is currently the easiest and safest way to delete cookies.


Installation takes a matter of minutes:

  • Choose “Add New” on the “Plugins” menu of your WordPress dashboard
  • Search for “cookie law info”
  • Click install

Customising the cookie bar

Cookie Law Info comes pretty much ready to go, though you should:

  • Customise your message
  • Customise your “read more” link
  • Customise the styles, colours and fonts

Plugin Help

Please see the user guide for comprehensive help.


Check out the product roadmap to see the features planned over the next few months.


To report a bug, please contact us using the form provided, providing as much information on the bug as possible. We’ll aim to respond as soon as possible.

Known bugs

Version 1.2.1

  • Double ‘}’ character in table CSS
  • ‘Accept’ button text isn’t being translated
  • Cookie table shortcode may be shown in wrong place under certain circumstances
  • Cookie table responsive CSS not working on Chrome