Ultimate Guide To General Data Protection (GDPR)

In this digital age, people – willingly or not – are sharing more and more of their personal information and dealing w[...]

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GDPR Overview, Best Practices, and Compliance

The Internet has been changing every day and so are the ways we use it. The biggest change the internet has encountered considerin[...]

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Best GDPR Compliant WordPress Themes

We are all too familiar with WordPress and its themes. Ever since the rise of GDPR, it is important for it to be GDPR compliant to[...]

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HostPapa web host

GDPR Compliant Hosting Providers

Do you own a website or an eCommerce store that collect the data of your users belonging to the European Union? Then you are requi[...]

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Cookie Checker

Free Best Cookie Checkers for Websites for 2020 [Updated]

Cookie checkers for websites are online tools that enable anyone to check the cookies used on a website by entering the URL of the[...]

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Is my Website GDPR Compliant?

For a website that is catering to an audience from the European Union, it is necessary to be compliant with their privacy laws. Mo[...]

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