If you are a website owner and aware of data protection acts like the GDPR, you probably understand the importance of cookie policy. Being transparent about the cookies you use on your site and letting users know how to manage them is a good practice. Read more about details regarding cookie policy and the contents it must have to be GDPR compliant here. Still, if you feel like you need to refer to some sample cookie policy templates, this article got you covered.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy Examples

Here are some of the best examples of GDPR complying cookie policy compiled for reference.

All these policies are easily accessible from the footer of their respective websites.

National Geographic

The TV network, National Geographic, has a straightforward cookie policy. It explains what cookies are, what cookies they use where they list down all the cookies used by them according to the category. There is also a separate section on how third-parties use cookies on the NG site with the list of those cookies.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy - NG


The audio streaming platform, Spotify, has a simple cookie policy. The page includes general details about cookie and their types, including how Spotify uses them. There are links to manage the cookie preferences. In addition, it also has a section on the contact details of their DPO.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy - Spotify

F C Barcelona

Apart from the general details about cookies and their types that F C Barcelona may use and how to manage them using the browser settings, the cookie policy also gives direct options to decline Analytics cookies from Adobe and Google.



The cookie policy of BMW classifies and lists cookies into two – those that require consent and those that do not.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy - BMW

Then they discuss the various categories of cookies and how BMW uses them and details about managing and deleting the cookies. The cookies page itself starts with a button link to cookie settings. It opens the cookie banner, where you can either accept or reject cookies.



LinkedIn has a simple cookie policy that is easily accessible via the link on the footer of the website. It lists down the technologies used on the site and their purposes. It also gives a link to more information on third-party services.

What is noteworthy is the link to a separate page for a list of cookies that LinkedIn uses. The list categorizes cookies based on their purposes, such as advertising, analytics and research, and the cookies LinkedIn drops on third-party sites.

The policy page also gives users (members and visitors) choice to control these cookies, and details about how you can do it using your browser settings.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy - LinkedIn

British Broadcasting Corporation

The cookie policy of BBC has mainly four parts: general info about cookies, how BBC uses cookies, what happens when you disable third-party cookies on browsers, and how BBC uses cookies for advertising.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy - BBC

There are separate links to the list of cookies based on their category. It specifies the purpose of each cookie.

The settings link given on the page opens a new page where users can set their cookie preferences.

As expected, there are also links to opt-out of advertising cookies.

Zara India

Link to Zara India’s privacy policy from the website redirects to a PDF page. The 10-page privacy and cookie policy give a detailed account of cookies (from page 8) with their purpose, duration, and management in tabular form.

GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy - Zara India

To conclude

These are only a few of the examples of GDPR compliant cookie policy. There are many more. You do not need to have a cookie policy in the same format as these policies. These are just for reference. It does not matter how you present it, as long as you follow all the standards.  

Disclaimer: This article is only a collection of some of the best cookie policies the author came across on the internet. It does not represent any legal advice. Therefore, for any legal counsel related to compliance, please contact a lawyer or professional that specializes in this area.