Do you own a Wix website that has a target European audience? And does it use third-party cookies or any types of online trackers? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you need to adhere to the legal frameworks of the European Union including the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.

So what you need to be concerned about is how to make your website’s use of cookies in line with these laws.

The best possible solution is to add a cookie consent banner to your website so that your visitors can understand that your site uses cookies. This will also let you obtain the consent of users towards the collection of their personal data, which is a requirement under the GDPR.

In this article, you will learn how to implement a cookie banner for your Wix website, complying with the data protection laws.

But before moving on, you’d want to take a quick look at what cookies are and why they must be used in compliance with the GDPR.

What are web cookies and how to use them in accordance with the GDPR?

Cookies are small pieces of data that a website stores on a user’s browser, while they browse through the site. Cookies are categorized as “strictly necessary” and “non-necessary” based on their necessity for the basic website functionalities, including personalized experiences and security features.

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for the proper functioning of websites. And under the GDPR, user consent is not required for the usage of these types of cookies, as they do not collect or store any personal information.

Whereas the non-necessary cookies, as its name itself suggests, are not strictly essential for the basic features and functionalities of websites. And these cookies mostly collect the personal data of individuals to serve various purposes including website analytics and targeted advertising. 

Therefore, the GDPR has introduced certain rules to prevent website owners from using cookies or similar tracking mechanisms that exploit the personal data of users without their knowledge.

GDPR requires websites to notify users of the exact purpose of collecting their personal data and obtain explicit informed consent for the same. To protect the data and privacy of Europeans, the EU’s ePrivacy Directive has also put forth similar norms on the cookie usage of websites.

So, to comply with these laws, you could implement a cookie consent banner for your website. This will help you inform users about your website’s use of cookies and obtain consent from them prior to collecting their personal data.

Now, what you’d want to know is how to create a GDPR compliant cookie banner for your Wix website. Read on!

Wix provides a solution to implement cookie banners — but is it really worth it?

Being a Wix website owner, you might have come across the Cookie Alert app in the Wix App Market. The app lets you add a cookie banner to your website. 

But what matters is determining whether the “Cookie Alert” app is GDPR compliant. The answer is ‘no’, as currently, it allows you to display only a dismissible banner or pop-up notice to your visitors, informing them that your Wix website uses cookies. 

Under the GDPR, informing users about your cookie usage is not merely enough. Instead, you need to get their consent before collecting and processing their personal data. 

However, the Cookie Alert Pop-up by Wix comes in handy if your website uses only the “strictly necessary” cookies. In this instance, it is sufficient to inform the users that your site uses essential cookies for its smooth functioning.

Thinking how to create a cookie consent banner for your Wix website, adhering to the GDPR guidelines? 

Of course, you can develop a cookie banner for your website right from the scratch. But the disadvantage is that you may need to put in a huge amount of time and effort for custom development and making it GDPR compliant.

Therefore, CookieYes provides you a cookie consent solution, with which you could implement a cookie consent banner for your Wix website. It also helps manage cookie consent and script blocking under one roof.

Cookie Alert by Wix vs CookieYes Cookie Consent Solution

Here is a side-by-side comparison that helps you clearly understand what GDPR requirements the “Cookie Alert Pop-up” app lacks and what CookieYes has to make your cookie banner GDPR compliant.

Feature listCookie Alert Pop-up app by WixCookieYes Cookie Consent Solution for GDPR  
Cookie notice banner
Cookie usage information
Link to the cookie policy in the cookie banner
Button to accept cookies
Button to reject cookies
Button/link to Cookie Settings or Preferences
Block non-necessary cookies
Consent logs
Provisions to add a “change cookie consent” link or button
Cookie audit tables

Create cookie consent banner for your Wix website with CookieYes 

Let’s take a look at how CookieYes helps make your Wix website’s cookie usage GDPR compliant, in a bit more detail.

Using CookieYes, you could create a cookie consent banner with:

  • A brief, clear, and concise description about your website’s cookie use, along with a link to your organization’s cookie policy or privacy policy.
  • An ‘Accept’ button to consent to your website’s use of cookies; and a ‘Reject’ button to opt-out of all cookies used by your site.
  • A “Cookie Preferences” button, clicking which you could selectively enable or disable the listed categories of non-necessary cookies. You can also add cookie audit tables under each category of cookies.

CookieYes not only let you obtain user consent but also allows you to store and manage them effectively. The solution helps you to:

  • Scan your web pages for cookies — the cookies found on scanning will automatically get categorized and added to your site’s cookie list.
  • Automatically block the cookies that are present on your website — allows users to ensure that the “non-necessary” cookies are never placed on their browsers unless they have consented to its use.
  • Enable “consent logs” — lets you maintain a record of user consents.
  • Add a “change cookie consent” button on your Wix website — enable the users to reverse the consent at a later stage, after it has been given.

Sign up free for CookieYes and refer to our setup guide to learn how to add a cookie consent banner to your website. 

And, check out how CookieYes helps implement cookie consent banners for Wix websites.

You’d also like to go through the GDPR compliant cookie banner examples.

Wrapping up

If your Wix website uses cookies, you need to make sure that you use it in alignment with the GDPR policies. 

Although Wix offers a “Cookie Alert” app to notify users that your website uses cookies, it has a major drawback of not being GDPR compliant. But the CookieYes Cookie Consent Solution for GDPR helps you to easily address this issue.

CookieYes allows you to create a cookie consent banner and show it to your users immediately upon their first visit. It also allows you to collect, store, and manage user consent in the right way so that your website’s use of cookies becomes GDPR-ready.

Disclaimer:This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and does not constitute any form of legal advice. We recommend you seek a subject matter expert or your own attorney for any legal advice on making your website’s cookie consent collection and management fully compliant with the GDPR.