Getting Started

If you are new to the EU Cookie Law and want your website to comply with it, this is the best place to start. If you have a website and are sitting there wondering where to get started, then read on. This article will help you to make your website comply with the law and direct to the resources that you might need along the process.

With the Cookie Law Info GDPR Cookie Solutions, there are some simple steps to make you site comply with the Cookie Law. They are as shown below.

Identify the cookies on the website

This is the very first step in making the website comply with the Cookie Law.  You can easily find out whether your site uses cookies and identify the cookies used by the website.

Identify the right cookie solution

After identifying the cookies used on the website, next step is to get your hands on the right cookie solution. 

Cookie Law Info provides you three different solutions depending on the cookie law compliance requirements and type of website. 

our Cookie Solutions


All-round Cookie Solution

  • Manage the cookie solution with a free account
  • Display cookie bar and installed cookies based on visitor's consent
  • Automatically scan cookies of the website
  • Automatically block cookies
  • Log visitor consent

GDPR Cookie Consent - Free

Free WordPress Plugin

  • Display a cookie bar on the website
  • Install cookies only after taking consent from visitor
  • Plentiful customization options
  • Multilingual support
  • Easily display the cookies used on the website

GDPR Cookie Consent Pro

Premium WordPress Plugin

  • Automatically scan cookies and block cookie scripts
  • Display cookie bar only to EU visitors
  • Granular control to the users over the cookies installed
  • Optionally log user consent
  • Manage cookie categories

Help and support

Need help? For any kind of issues, if you are experiencing trouble with the cookie law solutions, or any other queries contact us. Our support team is always eager to help solve any issue you might have.