If you own a website, you need a privacy policy explaining what personal data the website collects and what happens to the personal data users give you like their name, email address, credit card details, etc. 

Why? Because the law says so! Ever since the implementation of GDPR, user privacy is even more of a concern to every organization, including a website. It mandates that websites do not collect user data without their consent and to inform users of the working of the website. It ensures the rights of the user are honored by websites and penalizes those who do not comply with its rules.

Having an updated and legally compliant privacy policy will also increase your website’s credibility.

Read more about GDPR requirements for privacy policy here.

But just writing the working and proceedings of your website won’t make a privacy policy. Privacy policies consist of complex legal terms and are often generated with the help of generator tools. 

This article is about the best examples of the GDPR privacy policy generator.

What is a Privacy Policy Generator?

Privacy policy generators are tools that create custom privacy policy statements that cover all legal clauses required by law. These generators are mostly free, while some come at a reasonable price. While major companies might have to consult their legal team when it comes to privacy policies, these tools work for the majority of small businesses and startups. 

What to look for in a Privacy Policy Generator?

If you are looking for privacy policy generators, the internet will be flooded with them. It is indeed hard to choose which one is the best. Here are the four Cs that are important to be considered when selecting a privacy policy generator.

Compliance: Choose a privacy policy generator that is GDPR compliant. Read the print and make sure your policy created covers all the rules that adhere to GDPR standards. 

Convenience: Look for one with straightforward controls and intuitive interfaces that makes it easier to write your privacy policy. Avoid long pages and questionnaires.

Customizability: Choose the one that lets you customize it and input details.

Cost: GDPR privacy policy generators are available in different ranges of price. Some are free, have one-time payments, or have recurring subscription payment methods. Choose the one that suits your budget. 

List of Best GDPR Privacy Policy Generator Tools

Most of the tools listed here are free of cost but have a paid upgrade version.


CookieYes GDPR privacy policy generator

A simple and hassle-free privacy policy generator that offers all of its features for free of cost. You can fill in the information, such as contact details, data processing methods, and contact information for privacy-related queries, to add them to the privacy policy.

It gives you a preview of the page content, which you can copy and paste on your website.


GDPR privacy policy generator

This privacy policy generator is not only free but also helps you generate policies for specific services like Google AdSense, Facebook, AdWorks, etc. It allows you to generate policies in 8 languages. Although it has a free version, the paid version is the one that supports GDPR clauses.

It has over 700 pre-crafted privacy policy clauses available with one click cookie policy activation. For more information. click here.


Marozed privacy policy

Marozed offers a free GDPR legal notice generator in the french language. This generator asks you various questions about your company, capital, address, contact emails, and other information, then it automatically generates a legal notice template you can easily copy and paste into your website.


GDPR privacy policy generator

Termsfeed is a quick and easy to use privacy policy generator. The premium version of this tool has GDPR compliance available. 


GDPR privacy policy generator

Shopify provides you with a free privacy policy generator that helps your website comply with the law. This privacy generator is fast and easy to use. It is tailor-made for e-commerce websites. It is easy to use and customizable per the needs of your company and its products.


GDPR privacy policy generator

This website is more useful than it looks. It has generated over 1 million legally compliant policies. They are understandable, comprehensive and available for free too. However, for the GDPR clause feature, you need to pay.

It has no sign-up involved or requires any payment to use. Paid add-ons can be installed later.

Firebase App Generator

GDPR privacy policy generator

This privacy policy generator is free to use, has simple functionality and integrates with third-party services like Google Play and Facebook. This tool is built specifically for mobile applications. It supports multiple operating systems and application types. It takes very little time to set up and customize. 


GDPR privacy policy generator

Other than being free, the one feature that makes WebsitePolicies stand out is that it automatically updates the privacy policy when laws and requirements change. It uses an easy 3 step process and even lets you earn commission on referrals.


GDPR privacy policy generator

This privacy policy generator is best for smaller websites used by bloggers and freelancers. It has a pleasant interface and is simple to use. One can choose from a free, basic and comprehensive privacy policy available by filling out a simple form. It does not require a sign-up or email address. 

These are some of the GDPR privacy policy generators that might turn to be the best suited for your website. Keep in mind that no matter which you choose, respect the interest of people and fully disclose all your privacy practices in the policy. 

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to share general information with the readers. It does not represent any legal advice. Hence, for any legal assistance related to the privacy policy of your website, please contact your lawyer or a professional.