Troubleshooting the plugin


The header doesn’t show

If the header doesn’t show, you can try one of a few things.

Is it a plugin setting?

First check you have activated the plugin and have switched it on (it’s “on” by default but can be switched off). To check if it is switched on or not, go to ‘Settings / Cookie Law Info’ and then enable the header by setting ‘Display cookie bar?’ to ‘yes’.

Second, if you have dismissed the header once and you’re NOT using the “show again” tab then it deliberately will NOT be shown. To test this, temporarily switch on the “show again” tab. Alternatively you can delete the ‘viewed_cookie_policy’ cookie either manually or by using the [ delete_cookies] shortcode.

Is it your theme?

In some cases your theme might be the problem. It should implement the wp_footer and wp_enqueue_scripts action hooks. Not all themes do this – you’re missing out on a lot of functionality if so, not just from this plugin!

In other cases themes over-write script libraries like jQuery. They really shouldn’t do this, but unfortunately it’s quite common.

In both cases you’ll need a developer to take action, there’s no simple way for non-techie minded folks to get these settings working.

If you’re technically minded:

If you “view source” the following scripts should be loaded:

  • jQuery.js (tested to ≥ 1.7.1)
  • jQuery.cookies.js
  • cookielawinfo.js
Most importantly you should look out for a line of JavaScript “cli_show_cookiebar(a,b);” – if you don’t see that then your theme isn’t using the wp_footer action hook and that is the problem.

Otherwise try:

  • De-activate the plugin then re-activate it
  • Uninstall the plugin then re-install it (N.B. uninstalling will delete your settings)
  • If all else fails then please report a bug on the support forum - so far most bugs have been fixed within a day

The editor disappears when I install Cookie Law Info!

Some users have reported issues with other plugins like Jetpack and WordPress Stats.

This issue can be resolved by disabling the colour pickers. Go to Cookie Law Info settings, open the ‘Advanced’ panel and disable colour pickers.

The “show again” tab isn’t showing?

If you have the cookie bar set up to show in the header AND you are logged into WordPress, then the show again tab is hiding under the WordPress admin bar. You can check to confirm that it’s working by temporarily setting the cookie bar to show in the footer as the “show again” tab won’t be hidden by the admin menu.

For non-logged in users of your website they will see the tab of course.

Does Cookie Law Info block cookies?

No, and neither does any other WordPress plugin – not all of them, anyway.

Be aware that despite what you may believe, it is not currently technically possible to completely block all cookies on your WordPress website without first updating all plugins that use cookies in some way. That is beyond the scope of any single plugin.

A more realistic approach for WordPress website owners is to use what is called “implied consent”. This should not be a message buried on your website rather something more prominent that is clear to your visitors. This plugin can be used to highlight your compliance status and use of cookies in this way.

A future version of Cookie Law Info might block some cookies, but for the time being (June 2012) we believe that it’s a false sense of security to offer this feature, as any plugin might be setting cookies without you knowing.

What are the requirements to run Cookie Law Info?

Cookie Law Info is a WordPress plugin, it currently is only available for that platform.

Apart from that, you will need:

  • PHP 5.2.x or later
  • jQuery – should be available within your theme. Some themes switch it off, or use an earlier version. That can cause some real problems with other plugins.
  • Your theme MUST use the following hooks: wp_footer, wp_header
  • Your theme should not do anything like overwrite jQuery with an old version of the script- it should leave that to WordPress!

Your visitors will need:

  • JavaScript must be enabled in the browser else your visitors won’t see the header.

Issues with product pages on WP eCommerce

In version 1.0.1 some custom fields were being shown on the product pages. You can fix this by upgrading to the latest version.

It doesn’t work in browser version X…

The HTML, CSS and JavaScript are all W3 compliant and the code validates. However, if you do find an issue in a browser please report it and we’ll take a look at fixing it. Please note that websites don’t always look exactly the same in every browser, there are subtle differences between most of them.

It would be great if your plugin did….. X

If you have a request for a new feature please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

We’ve already implemented several features at the request of our users, as a website owner you’re definitely the right person to be telling us what features it should have so we’re open to suggestions.


How do I debug the code?

If you are a developer you can use the debug code routines that are included. Note this is NOT RECOMMENDED unless you are a developer. In all cases you will have to switch off debug mode once done!

Debug mode must be manually switched on (and importantly- then back off again!). In cookie-law-info.php switch

 define ( 'CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', false ); 


 define ( 'CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', true ); 

Then on your website change your URL to be: “”. There are options to debug the HTML (cli-debug=html), JSON (cli-debug=json) or both (cli-debug=all).

You can now pick through the settings to see if the code is being output correctly from the plugin.

To switch off debug mode, make sure you have CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE in false:

 define ( 'CLI_PLUGIN_DEVELOPMENT_MODE', false ); 

Google Chrome and localhost

If you’re developing / testing on localhost then be aware that Chrome has a “feature” to disable setting of cookies on localhost. Why is anybody’s guess.

So if you’ve been debugging because of that, no, you’re not going mad. It’s actually a ‘feature’.

For more FAQ and for any support requests, please head over to

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