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With WordPress, everything from creating a simple blogging site to building an e-commerce store becomes pretty easy. Even if you find difficulty with something, there are plenty of WordPress plugins available to help you out.

All website owners across the world who are serving EU citizens are going through the process of making several changes to their website in order to comply with the law. The most difficult of all would be the compliance of cookies as they stay mostly hidden inside the website. It might seem exhausting as you need to take care of a lot of things for making sure that your website is compliant with the law.

If you own a WordPress website, then take GDPR cookie compliance out of your to-do list as Webtoffee's GDPR cookie consent plugin is all set to take care of the cookie compliance issues by providing a user-friendly cookie consent form to users.

WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Free

This WordPress plugin is your one-stop solution for all your GDPR cookie consent related worries. There are a wide variety of features offered by this plugin which can do more than just letting your website comply. If you want to try a free plugin with features that would provide compliance to the law and at the same time adequate control over cookies to the website owner, then you don't need to think twice before downloading our GDPR cookie consent plugin for WordPress.

It provides great customization options for each part of the consent form template. You can decide what your website visitors should see in the message bar of your website. Incorporating buttons and links into the message bar is so easy since shortcodes are allowed in the message bar. For example, by simply putting the shortcode for button in the message bar, a button will show up on the front-end. There are many more shortcodes available with this plugin. Other customization options include changing the background color of the cookie bar, choosing a different font, color, etc for the text. You can even add a border line to the cookie bar in the color you choose and so on.

Customization options aren't just limited to the message bar.  You can also change the color, size, and text of various buttons. The same way you can change the appearance of the links as well. You can also control the response of each of those buttons when a user clicks on it by choosing either one of the options given in the drop-down.

Our plugin provides a number of advanced options for giving as much control as possible to the website owners on setting up a cookie consent form of their convenience. Using advanced settings you can decide where and when you want the cookie consent bar to be displayed or whether you want it hidden at times etc are quite possible with our plugin.

With our plugin, you don't have to wait until customers click the accept button in order to allow cookies on your website, you can even count "scrolling down" as consent if you prefer so. If you don't prefer taking such risks, you could play it fair by blocking all the non-necessary cookies from your website.

WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin Pro

WordPress cookie consent premium plugin allows greater flexibility to the website owners with its set of excellent features. In addition to the features provided by the basic version of this plugin, you will have access to a bundle of other features which will provide greater efficiency to your website.

Do you want to know the major additions of features to the pro version of the plugin? First and foremost, you are allowed to categorize cookies that are present on your website to various categories you create on your website. Then you can even assign a priority value to each category created(higher the value, higher the priority) whereas in the free version you only have the option to specify cookies as necessary or non-necessary.

Import/export option is another feature that would make the job of adding cookies to your website easy for you. With the import/export option on your website all, you have to do is create a CSV file and export or import it depending upon your need.

Consent report serves as a document which will enable your website to keep a record of the users' data such as the IP address(should be informed to the user prior to recording it), visited date, cookie details, user ID. The purpose of having consent report is that it can act as a solid proof to any claim regarding the breach of the law. Your website will only create consent report if you turned on the consent logging option from the cookie settings page.

As we are all aware GDPR EU cookie law demands to have a proper consent form displayed only to the visitors from European Union which can also be stated as countries outside European Union do not require such a consent form for cookies. Our plugin has an option( show only for EU countries) turning on which the consent form will only be visible to people from EU only.

To conclude

This law has been implemented with a strong focus on protecting EU individuals online privacy rights. Thus you have no choice left but to comply with the law. Webtoffee's WordPress cookie consent plugin will definitely make cookie compliance easier for you.

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