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GDPR Cookie Consent Website Examples

Since the General Data Protection Regulation or simply GDPR has come into place, It has become mandatory for the companies and organizations that serve the European Union to be transparent about the data that they collect from their online users. This article is to show examples of how different website are taking cookie consent from their users.

One of the key methods with which the user data are collected is using the cookies. Most of the time users are not even aware of the fact that their data are being collected by the website. When a user visits a website, it installs cookies on the user's browser. Among these cookies are the cookies that are installed by tracking scripts from third-parties like Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel. These data can then later be used by the website or other third-parties mainly for targeted advertisements.

Now, this does not involve cookies without which a website can not function properly. Like the cookies that are used to store a user's login information. These cookies do not usually track any of the user data and are deleted from the browser after a while posing no threat to the users' privacy.

Using cookies that tracks or records the user behavior in a browser, provides more personalized content and ads to the users, improving their experience surfing through the internet. But it also develops privacy concerns among people.

With the law in place, every website owner that serve the citizens of the EU has to be transparent about the data that they collect. The first step is to inform the users of the usage of cookies on the website. Most of the websites inform their users about the use of cookies on their website by displaying a notification banner on the screen. The notification banner gives a message in a clear manner to the user that the website uses cookies, take consent from the user and provide a link to the website's cookie and privacy policy.

This article lists examples of some of the websites that have implemented the cookie notifications on their website and to inform their users of the cookies that they use.

1 - Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform website

The Google Marketing Platform website uses a simple notification bar on the website at the bottom of the screen that informs the users that the website uses cookies to analyze the traffic to the site. The bar provides a button to link to the Google's Privacy & Terms page and another button where the user can agree to the use of the cookies. With this cookie banner still on the website, the user can still navigate through the website even if the user has not agreed to the message in the banner.

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2 - Forbes Africa

Forbes Africa website

The website shows a cookie notification banner at the top of the browser window. The banner is placed in such a way that it obstructs the view of the logo of the website. The users can still browse through the website even if they have not accepted to the use of the cookies. And the cookie notification bar hides from view when the users scroll down.

The notification bar displays a simple message that the website uses cookies and there are two links that allows the users to accept the cookies and a link to inform the users more about the usage of the cookies. However, when checked the link only redirected to the home page of the website but the details about their privacy policy can be seen from their Privacy Policy & Terms of Use page.

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3 - Barca Foundation

Barca Foundation website

The website shows a simple cookie notification that the website uses cookies takes the user consent by clicking on an Accept button. The banner also provides a user with the link to their cookie policy page. 

The consent banner is provided on the bottom part of the screen and remains in the view until the user accepts to the use of the cookies.

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4 - Almiar Magazine

Almiar Magazine website

The cookie notification on the website is given at the bottom of the screen with a simple message that the website uses cookies. The website is configured in such a way that the user's consent will be taken if they continue to browse through the website without explicitly clicking on the Accept button to give their consent. This is however clearly stated in the notification banner as well. 

On the notification banner of the website, the users are given the options to accept the cookies, and also to reject them. If the user decides to change their consent for the cookies in the website, the website also provides a provision to reverse the consent by revisiting the cookies notification bar.

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5 - Zara

Zara website

This website has a cookie notification at one corner of the website. The notification is shown as a small dismissable widget that only serves the purposes of informing the users about that the website uses cookies. It does not ask for the users' consent for the use of the cookies but clearly states on the notification that consent will be taken if the user continues to browse through the website. There is no option for the users to opt-out from the use of cookies if they want to continue using the website. The cookie notification also provides a link to the Privacy and Cookie Policy of the website.

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6 - Adrais Solution

Adrais Solution website

The website displays a very noticeable cookie notification on the header of the website. The notification informs the users that the website uses cookies, why they are used, and how they are used, in a clear and concise manner. The cookies of the website are further classified into categories and the users can select which of the cookies they allow to be used by the website. The notification further in details the notification bar itself shows the details about the cookies in each category. 

The notification then gives the user an option to accept the cookies by clicking on an "OK" button. After clicking on the button, the notification bar disappears and reveals the navigation menu of the website.

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7 - EU GDPR Compliant

EU GDPR Complaint Website

The notification for this website does not cover any content of the website or make the user unable to browse through the website, but the notification bar is noticeable and informs the users clearly about the cookies used in their website. The notification also informs the users of the types of cookies that are used on the website and how many scripts come under each type.

Out of these types of cookies, the essential cookies are always enabled and the users can not disable them. On the other hand, the Analytics cookies, which are non-necessary cookies, is kept disable by default and the users can enable them. The users also have the option to then give their consent by clicking on the Accept all button and links are provided to their privacy policy details. If the cookies for Analytics cookies are enabled, the users will get the option to save their preferences.

When the consent is given, the cookie notification disappears but the user can click on a button on the screen which displays the cookie notification again allowing the user to reconsider their consent.

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Wrapping Up

There are many ways that website have chosen to display their cookie consent banner which varies depending on the website's privacy and cookie policy. It should be noted that this article is not be treated as legal advice rather some examples on how websites of different companies have implemented their cookie notifications to their users about the usage of cookies. The websites have not been checked whether they are fully complying with the European law.

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