GDPR Compliant Cookie Policy Templates

Now that GDPR is on our doorsteps we have to make sure we are all ready to abide by the law. I have shared with you all the necessary requirements you will have to take in order to comply with the law in the previous articles that I have written.

In the last article, I shared with you the details regarding cookie policy and about the contents it must have for GDPR compliance. Still, if you feel like you need to refer to some sample cookie policy templates, here they are.

Indeed's Cookie policy Template

Indeed has revised its cookie policy to meet with all the GDPR requirements. It has a long and descriptive cookie policy to include every point stated by the GDPR. The introduction has included in it a simple definition of cookies, different type of cookies etc.


Indeed has given an elaborative account on their use of cookies. Dividing the purpose and description of the cookies used on the website.



Under the title third-party cookies, they have listed all the third party cookies that are active on their site along with their name, cookie name, description, and expiration date.

indeed-4Their cookie policy ends with reminding users to check the policy often for updates.


2) Daily Mail Cookie Policy Template

Although daily mail doesn't have an entire page dedicated to its cookie policy, it has succeeded in incorporating all important information required for a GDPR compliant cookie policy.

To conclude

Following these cookie policy models for writing a cookie policy for your website will definitely help you achieve GDPR compliance.

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