You can download the Cookie Law WordPress Plugin here. It’s free, it always will be and there is awesome support. There are two NEW versions here:

Cookie Law Info: BETA

Cookie Law Info BETA

New and improved! Cookie Law Info 2.0.0 BETA is very nearly here and it’s free. New settings panel, advanced consent options, developer-friendly, enhanced performance. Be the first to try it.

Cookie Law Info: PRO

Cookie Law Info PRO

Block cookies, brand new templates, advanced consent options, custom CSS, banner targeting, extensible and developer-friendly, enhanced performance… this is the best Cookie Law Info plugin to date!

Free Versions

The original version is a brilliant choice with over 400,000 downloads to date. That’s a pretty big vote of confidence, and I’m really grateful to each and every person for installing it!

The original version is free, is packed full of great features and you still get the same support- I usually respond the same day. I’ve maintained it for over 3 years now and I don’t plan on changing that- it’s my way of giving something back to the WordPress community 🙂

You can get the free version here.

The PRO edition is ideal for those who charge customers for work or if this plugin saved you a lot of time. It’s a nice way of giving back and ensuring the continued development of Cookie Law Info – all versions. Even if you aren’t charging for your work, I’m sure you’ll appreciate how much time and effort goes into writing software, not to mention support which is where even more of my personal time goes. So by paying for a licence it’s a simple way of saying thanks and supporting future development to keep you in line with the Cookie Law.

Thank you 🙂